Fivyolen Hendra Qiu. better known as Fivyolen Qiu or in short Olen is a perfectionist and white lover behind FIVYOLENQIU.com - A blog about Olen's take on travel, lifestyle and her daily adventure. Aside from having her own business, she is now find herself busy juggling two things at one of the main beauty distributor company in Jakarta. 

Since young, writing has been a general thing for Olen. She began her blog as a way to showcase her love of writing. Hence, this website is created as a replacement of her diary book. Over the year, she decided to brought her blog to different world, hopefully can provide as a platform dedicated to avid life enthusiasts who are seeking for a non typical guide on places, food, travel, fashion, lifestyle and inspirational posts.

Thank you for visiting this website. I hope you enjoy reading them and coming along for the journey ride with me. If you have similarities like mine, feel free to comment or drop me an email. Thank you 


  1. I really like your blog! keep writing and inspiring <3

    1. I just get to see this! Thank you winnie, thanks a lot! your words means a lot to me xx


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