APPRECIATE LIFE.    Can you believe that 2017 has gone halfway now? I finally back to writing world. For almost 2 years I've been hiatus, I gotta say everything has changed (literally, changed so much).

Let me start off with the year of 2016. That year have been a whirlwind, containing some of the brightest and darkest moment in my life. 

5/16: A year ago, my twin and I took a leap of faith from just a part of bedroom discussion and start our own business which selling a healthy meal. Then, not long after that we both found a place and opportunity to expand the business, but we decided to turn it down. Because we believe those lifestyle and brand doesn't really suits both of us, however twas a great learning experience for our business in the future. 

We hope you guys can give us some support on the next business we are about to build. I'm truly grateful that the healthy business line that we both created was a success. Couldn't achieve it without the help of our mom, dad, vendor and partners. 

9/16: The next one broke my heart but taught me the very important lesson that of anywhat matters in life, always go back to the root where you came from ; which is family. I lost my dad and till now, I'm still in disbelief he is gone. Over time, I'm hoping and sometimes feel he is still here with us. He is always on my prayer. 

11/16: The next one, my sister finally is a mom as she delivers her first baby, my brother in law became a dad and I finally become an auntie. So thrilled to welcome my nephew and he is truly showered with love from people surrounding. 

1/17: I decided to re-build my career and start working again at one of the main beauty distributor company in Jakarta. 6 months counting and still going strong. Talking about job is always interesting to me. Blessed and grateful. 

5/16 - 7/17: It's only been a year but this moment has given me heartaches and sleepless nights than any years. But 2016 is the year where I have found the greatest sense of fulfillment, purpose and compassion in life. 

NOW: Finally back again to my blog where everything is more simple, more serene and more peaceful. I hope I will spend more time posting and writing. Because, this blog will and always will be the place where my heart is because every time when I felt down, I will turn back and read all of my posts, then I know I am loved more than ever. 

What are you grateful for a year, or even better a day? 


  1. I'm really glad you are back with blogging.

    Keep up with your writing. Always love your piece


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