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TO THE FUTURE. Had marvelous and fun lunch in Tesate restaurant. When I think about it, its amazing to see the journey I have been through with all people I met. They truly gave me the meaning of life and create different chapter in my book of life. I always wondered why did He sometimes placed me in the lowest point of my life where I can't even deal wit, and thats when these people strengthen me. 

Im wearing jumpsuit from Mossino Dutti, its very comfy and I guess I need to lose my weight more hahaha, because the upper part is quite tight for me because I had a really wide shoulder. To let you know, I had the widest shoulder in the family. Well, thanks to my dad's genes, but I never get his long leg. My twin sister and 2 other sisters did though. so unfair rite! hahaha I envy people with small body! I really do.

Currently I'm in the office right now and apparently nothing to do. I guess, blogging is the way to cure my boredom. I'm sitting with the other two co-workers, not talking but keep typing and eating! haha I gotta get my lunch now, toodles, get back to you asap


  1. Very chic outfit doll.

  2. Cute top dear :D


  3. Nice outfit!
    Sometimes I do envy other people too, especially their height! haha.


  4. Cute bag :) M&MFASHIONBITES

  5. Lovely outfit, the jumpsuit is gorgeous!

  6. Love the message of your post. We all have our ups and downs and we just have to keep pushing through!

    On a light note, I love your outfit. It suits you well!

  7. CUTE!


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