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APPRECIATE LIFE.   Can you believe that 2017 has gone halfway now? I finally back to writing world. For almost 2 years I've been hiatus, I gotta say everything has changed (literally, changed so much).

Let me start off with the year of 2016. That year have been a whirlwind, containing some of the brightest and darkest moment in my life. 

5/16: A year ago, my twin and I took a leap of faith from just a part of bedroom discussion and start our own business which selling a healthy meal. Then, not long after that we both found a place and opportunity to expand the business, but we decided to turn it down. Because we believe those lifestyle and brand doesn't really suits both of us, however twas a great learning experience for our business in the future. 

We hope you guys can give us some support on the next business we are about to build. I'm truly grateful that the healthy business line that we both created was a success. Couldn't achieve it without the help of our mom, dad,…

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